As part of the “REVERT project: Resilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public Transport”, a series of awareness raising and capacity building activities are being carried out since November 2019, addressed to drivers of public transport.

Specifically, 10 Engagement experiential events were successfully implemented focusing on Conflict Resolution with the participation of 75 bus and trolley drivers of OSY-OASA. The events took place from 26/11/2019 until 10/12/2019 at the central bus terminal in Ag. I. Rentis, and at the trolley bus terminals in Attica Square and Ano Liossia.

The aim of the engagement activities was to provide both knowledge and skills on conflict resolution, so that the drivers to be better equipped on managing and effectively resolving possible daily conflicts occurring in buses and trolleys. Specifically, the engagement experiential events focused on skills related to:

    1. Communication: Verbal, Nonverbal,
    2. Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness, Empathy, and
    3. Conflict Resolution Strategies.

To ensure best quality and transfer of knowledge and skills, the used training techniques included role playing, use of audiovisual material and open dialogue.

In addition to the engagement experiential events, Common Activities with migrants and refugees are being implemented since January 2020. More specifically, 9 Common Activities with bus and trolley drivers and refugees/migrants have been implemented. Six out of the nine Common Activities were implemented in Attica Refugee Accommodation Centers of Schisto, Eleonas, Skaramaga and Elefsina with the support of the administration of the Centers and the participation of both drivers and refugees/asylum seekers.

At the same time, 2 Common Activities were implemented within the OSY facilities with the participation of bus/trolley drivers and refugees/migrants through open discussions on the topic of “Transportation in other countries and Greece: A Discussion with Migrants and Refugees”.

A friendly soccer game with the participation of drivers and migrants and refugees was also held as part of the Common activities with migrants and refugees on 4th of March, at Renti Star Stadium. More specifically, the OSY-OASA drivers’ team, the Hope Refugee FC team of the Earth NGO and unaccompanied minors of the Social EKAB comprised the mixed teams competing.

The Common Activities with migrants / refugees aim to prevent xenophobic and racist incidents as well as to raise awareness on issues related to obligations and rights of passengers in public transport and destabilize stereotypes through experiential activities and open dialogue.

For more information on activities of REVERT project and its goals visit project’s website: