Pilot Observatory

Preventing and combating racism and xenophobia is directly linked to recording and reporting of racist and xenophobic incidents. Recording and reporting are the basis for mapping, understanding and raising awareness about the phenomena of racism and xenophobia as well as for the organization of effective action aiming to combat racism and xenophobia.

Taking into consideration the high frequency of racist and xenophobic incidents within public transportation, drivers’ exposure to such incidents burdening their daily work, the REVERT project proposes an effective method of recording and reporting enabling tackling of the phenomenon. The REVERT recording and reporting method involves data collection through the recording form designed as part of the project by drivers. At the same time, passengers who witness xenophobic and racist incidents are encouraged to share their experience and contribute to combating of the phenomenon.

Collection and internal dissemination of data allows informing of both the employees and the administration of the organization about the intensity and extend of phenomenon as well as effective decision making to combat it. In this way, First-Line employees, namely drivers, are supported in their daily work, while at the same time the feeling of safety is cultivated for all the passengers of the public transport.