Prevent and combat racism, xenophobia and intolerance


The project “REVERT: REsilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public transport” aims improving responses to xenophobic and racist behaviour and creating the conditions of a harmonious and welcoming environment for all in public transport, where inter-ethnic interaction occurs daily.

Thus, the main objectives of the REVERT Project are:

  • To improve responses to xenophobia within public transport, based on a targeted multi-stakeholder action plan and innovative resilience building and conflict resolution model
  • To provide tools and engage and support drivers of public transport to prevent and confront xenophobia
  • To enhance protection of migrants and refugees, promoting reporting of racist incidents in public transport and networking with competent authorities.

“Agents of Change” within Public Transport

Drivers’ common training activities with migrants/refugees in resolution of conflict can reduce prejudiced attitudes and xenophobia. With increased cultural sensitivity and resilience, drivers can function as “Agents of Change” and multipliers within Public Transport.

Tolerance in public transport

Targeted anti-racism media communication in the public transport system will increase tolerance towards migrants and refugees and make the public transport users feel safe.

“Feeling Safe in Public Transport”

Passengers witnessing the new role acquired by drivers – agents of change and supplied with information and tools related to effective responses to xenophobic and racist incidents will be able to feel more secure creating positive climate among all parties involved.

Network of cooperation for reporting and combating xenophobia and racism

The creation of an “Observatory” of xenophobic and racist incidents combined with the establishment of channels of communication among key competent stakeholders will facilitate addressing the issue in a holistic and effective way.