Five Feedback Sessions were carried out the past two months as part of the REVERT project. The main goal of the Feedback Sessions is to proactively support the trained “Agents of Change” and drivers in applying the tools, techniques and skills they acquired through their participation in the Project’s capacity building activities.

More specifically, 5 feedback sessions in total took place in September and October 2020 at OSY’s Training Centers in Ag. I. Rentis, Attica Square and Ano Liossia and Petrou Ralli bus terminal. The first two were carried out on the 22nd and 23rd of September, while the rest were held on the 21st, 22nd and 29th of October with the participation of 28 bus and trolley drivers in total.

The feedback sessions were organized and facilitated by Mr. Nikos Gionakis, Psychologist and Scientific Coordinator of Syn-Eirmos, Mr. Giorgos Stamoulos, Head of the department of Commercial Exploitation in OSY (OASA) and Mrs. Lila Mastora, Researcher, NKUA.

Taking into consideration the changes in the working conditions due to COVID-19, the first part of the feedback sessions was dedicated to sharing the drivers and the supervisors’ experiences during the pandemic and the new challenges they face, as first line employees.

After reflecting on the impact of COVID-19, participants discussed with the project representatives conflict resolution strategies and techniques and skills they acquired during the trainings, with empathy being emphasized as key skill for effective communication with the passengers and conflict resolution.

In addition, the racist incidents recording and reporting form, designed as part of the REVERT project, was revisited to stress its significance in mapping and combating xenophobia and racism in public transportation.

The feedback sessions will be continued until the completion of the project to support drivers and supervisors in their effort to cultivate a welcoming environment in public transport and create the feeling of safety for all passengers.