As part of the REVERT project: Resilience without ViolencE, Resistance without haTe in Public Transport, the Training Seminars on preventing and combating xenophobia in public transport with OASA drivers and officials were successfully completed.

More specifically, from 16 to 22 October 2019, 3 three two-day trainings seminars were carried out in Agios Ioannis, Renti, bus terminal, with the participation of 44 people, of whom 28 were drivers, 8 were station masters and 8 were supervisors. The seminars aimed to train drivers and public transport officials on racially motivated conflicts taking place within public transportation and to create “Agents of change” who will disseminate the core message of the REVERT project “Feeling Safe in Public Transport” and the main tools of managing conflict within the organization.

The core themes covered during the Training Seminar were:

    • Human rights, xenophobia and racism
    • The psychosocial situation of refugees
    • Stereotypes and prejudices as a source of conflict
    • Forms of conflict: interpersonal, intra-group and inter-group
    • Non-violent conflict management
    • Reporting xenophobic and racist incidents in public transport.

The Training Seminars included both theoretical and experiential techniques to ensure deep understanding of the phenomena of xenophobia and racism and were delivered by experts in their fields. More specifically, the trainers conducting the seminars were Mrs. Stamatia Gratsani, Psychologist and Adult Trainer, who had the overall supervision of the trainings; Mr. Nikos Gionakis, Psychologist and Scientific Director of Synerimos organization, who conducted the trainings on the psychosocial situation of refugees. Mr. Theodoros Zeis, Lawyer from Solidarity Now organization and Mr. Spyros Sloogeris, Lawyer and Scientific Officer of the Legal Service of the Hellenic Refugee Council, conducted the trainings on human rights thematic. Mrs. Eleni Takou, Deputy Director and Advocate of HumanRights360, organized the thematic section on the incidents of racist violence. Mr. Giorgos Stamoulos, Head of the OSY Department of Commercial Operations, also contributed significantly to the trainings.

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