The Training of Trainers of the REVERT Project, who will instruct the drivers/executives of OASA in becoming the Agents of Change for the prevention of xenophobia and racism in public transportation, was successfully completed. The training was held on Thursday, October 10th at the premises of the Communication & Media Psychology Lab, Department of Communication and Media Studies (

The training included the presentation of the Project to familiarize the trainers -experts in their fields- with the core objectives and actions of the REVERT Project, as well as to introduce the content of the educational manual designed according to the purposes of the training. The training was structured in four sessions, focusing on the following topics: human rights, reporting racist violence and conflict resolution of xenophobic or racist incidents in public transport.

Through the training procedure, which was greatly assisted by the participants specialized on the above topics, the structure and the content of the next phase of the Project were finalized.

The training of Trainers was carried out by: Athena Marouda-Chatzouli, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies, NKUA and Coordinator of the REVERT Project, Mr. Nikos Gionakis, Psychologist and Scientific Coordinator of Syn-Eirmos – Babel.

Assistants to the training procedure were: Mrs. Christina Varla, Head of Passenger Information Services Department at OASA, Konstantina Perissiou, Head of the Market Research & Benchmarking Department and Mrs. Lila Mastora, Researcher, NKUA.

The participating trainees of the project were: Mrs. Stamatia Gratsani, Psychologist, Syn-Eirmos (, Mrs. Eleni Takou, Deputy Director, Human Rights 360 (, Mr. Theodoros Zeis, Lawyer, Solidarity Now and Mr. Spyros Koulocheris, Lawyer, Scientific Head of the Legal Service of The Greek Council for Refugees’ (GCR) (

The training procedure was also supported by: Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos, Head of Transportation Planning Department (OSY / OASA), Mr. Giorgos Stamoulos, Head of Commercial Exploitation (OSY / OASA), Mr. Xenophon Nikoglou, Head of Transportation and Decision Making (OSY-OASA), Mrs. Theoni Grammatikou, Social Worker, Psychiatric Hospital of Athens, Dromokaiteio, Mrs. Ligeri Xourafi, Psychotherapist and Group Therapist.